Join us for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at the Guernsey Farms Dairy Restaurant. For dessert, order a sweet treat to your table or head over to the ice cream parlor for a cone. Learn about our Executive Chef, Jason Maman.

Did You Know?

  • Most consumers in Southeast Michigan who are familiar with Guernsey products know that there is a distinctive difference in the quality taste of Guernsey milk and ice cream.

  • Guernsey products are recognized in Southeast Michigan for being high quality and having a very rich taste.

  • The Guernsey Farms Dairy brand is the most recognized and best known in Southeast Michigan.

  • Guernsey customers know that “Quality Taste isn’t Expensive…it's Priceless!"

  • Guernsey Farms Dairy milk and ice cream are offered for sale in nearly every major grocery chain and noteworthy specialty grocery markets as well as many smaller dipping ice cream shops in Southeast Michigan.

  • People Magazine voted and published that Guernsey Butter Pecan was the best-tasting ice cream in America.