Guernsey Farms Dairy Chocolate Milk

Chocolate Milk

Ranked best in North America by the World Dairy Expo

Nothing takes you back to childhood like a large glass of thick, cold chocolate milk. Guernsey Farms Dairy Chocolate Milk is the perfect after-school snack or chocolate treat. But be careful! We’ve heard of many people developing Guernsey Farms Dairy Chocolate Milk addictions.

All Guernsey Farms Dairy milk comes from rBST-free cows on Lansing family farms. Cows are fed hay and grass in the warm months and grains when grass becomes scarce. Our farmers grow their own feed right on their farms. Within 24 hours of its arrival at our Northville dairy, the milk is processed by the McGuire family and our staff, and delivered to your local market.

Available in half gallons, quarts, and pints. 1% Chocolate Milk also comes in half pints.

Chocolate Milk
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